Planes, Trains, and Weather Balloons

I’ve recently started delving into the world of the micro controller through learning about Arduino programming. I’ve taken it to task to complete a near-space photography shoot with a weather balloon and an Arduino. I have a few friends collaborating together on what we’ve labeled (so cliché and unoriginal:) Project Icarus. More to come on this as the project unfolds. We hope to launch the balloon sometime in October, since we want low humidity for crystal clear shots of the horizon. What better way than to wait until it gets colder?

In the meantime, take a look at this proof of concept I put together using two Arduino controllers, giving a demo of communication over the 315 mhz band:




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  1. renecantu Says:

    Do you mind іf Ι quote а couρle of youг articlеѕ as long as I provide credit and sοurces bасk to your blοg?

  2. author Says:

    As the content posted here is in the public domain, feel free.

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