Why hack?

I would like this month’s article to focus on the mentality of “hacking” and the reasons/motives behind it. This is a touchy subject among the circle because the community that harbors us is built around curiosity and the notion to move beyond the boundaries of legality…and many times basic morals.
Who gives anyone authority to decree law or define for you what is right and wrong? We as a society give power to authority many times simply by not questioning it.

To truly start thinking for yourself, begin by questioning authority. This doesn’t mean rebelling against, overthrowing, or ignoring authority. It means listening to what any authority figure or organization tells you and discerning their motives

* Wallace Wang – Steal This Computer Book 4.0

Many have their own reasons for breaking into a computer system (traditional), or manipulating the systems that work around us. The obvious common qualifier is that of curiosity. If you need to revisit “The Hacker Manifesto” feel free to geek out now and come back to finish up. But does it justify itself to overthrow tyrants with more tyranny? What exactly is a hacker, you ask? Why, nothing more than a capable individual with an adept knack for manipulating systems. Society needs people like hackers – they keep the systems in check behind the scenes. They are an unbridled power that isn’t as easily manipulated as the rest of society. They tend to see through social norms as the rest of society lie sleeping…under total control of those at the top. We call them tools, cattle, whatever you may.

So you, the hacker ask yourself why it isn’t quite as fun to own some people at a local coffee shop, or take down a site “for the lulz” as it was when you were 14. You wonder what your motivation is to control ANYONE or manipulate the system at all for that matter. It’s a necessity. I believe that we shape society with our abilities, and keep the balance of power in check. We are the people with a voice…a real voice. Not a product of the Youtube generation, where the only voice you have is corporately sponsored BS like J.u.s.t.i.n B.i.e.b.e.r (keywords…) or someone else with a camera and way too much time on their hands. We hack out of curiosity, but we hack for freedom of information. We should be leveling the playground, instead of becoming the face of tyranny ourselves.
Information is everything in this day and age. We are destroyed and beaten for lack of it.


Please feel free to comment below…or you know – rage at my post and hack my site, or whatever you see fit. Show me what’s what and put me in my place because I’m wrong/right/whatever. Have a great day.

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